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Exodus from Public Schools to Christian Schools
Exodus Mandate
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Remember to go vote. Your failure to vote for the bottom of the ticket statewide races and for local races will result in many good men not being elected. If you fail to vote, you deserve to have your taxes raised and to have evil men rule over you. There are many excellent conservative Christian men running for the Alabama Legislature and your failure to vote may result in a solid conservative being defeated in a close race.

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Click here to read about Eminent Domain, our Governor and Legislature failed to take action to protect our property. Attorney General

Troy King has the reputation of the "Do Nothing Attorney General".
Under his lack of leadership:

* Gambling and video poker operations continue to flourish with little threat of prosecution. Read more about Troy King and Lack of Gambling Action

* Pornography continues to openly flourish. We have not had prosecution of these vices since the days of Attorney Generals Jimmy Evans or Charlie Graddick.

* No action against the abortion clinics to enforce existing laws. Read more about Troy King and Abortion

Alabama defenders brings you the following Moments in Christian History

1921 First Christian radio broadcast over KDKA in Pittsburgh.

1934 Cameron Townsend begins the Summer Institute of Linguistics that aspires with sister organization Wycliffe Bible translators to bring the Bible to every language group of the world.

1945 Dietrich Bonhoeffer is executed by the Nazis. The German pastor is killed just days before the Allies arrive to liberate that region. His theological writings remain influential.

1948 The World Council of Churches is formed as an interdenominational body promoting Christian unity and presence in society.

1949 Billy Graham's Los Angeles crusade thrusts the young evangelist into several decades of worldwide ministry and an impressive reputation.

1960 Charismatic renewal surges forward, crossing denominational lines and becoming more mainstream.

1962 Second Vatican Council begins, the most significant council since Trent. It will promote new attitudes and practices in Catholicism.

1966-76 The Chinese church grows despite the Cultural Revolution. Christianity did not die out under Communism, but experienced one of the most dramatic church growths ever. video Meet the remarkable preacher Spurgeon in Spurgeon Tonight. 6,000 people gathered to hear him twice each Sunday for 40 years in the London Metropolitan Baptist Tabernacle. Includes samples from his messages. You can count on quality when you buy from Vision Video ad links if this page was interesting or helpful to you, please link to it.

How liberal is Mike Huckabee? What is his record on taxes and illegal immigration?

Mike Huckabee, Governor of Arkansaw.

Known as a conservative Christian. He has been blindly supporting George Bush on the war and on illegal immigration, which apparently has cost him support.

Mike Huckabee supports importing farm workers from Mexico. Huckabee sponsored a resolution at the Southern Governors':
Implement a farm labor system, based on the agreement between Canada and Mexico, which will provide an orderly, efficient way to import farm workers.

Huckabee wants those already in the United States illegally to go through a process that provides opportunity but also contains some sort of penalty for illegal activity: His religious analogy is that "one needs to confess his sin, repent, and make restitution." He said he supports something like the guest worker system President Bush has proposed,

The anti-tax CATO Institute gave Huckabee an "F" for spending and tax policy in 2006. But another free enterprise think tank, the Club for Growth, also dinged him as a "tax hiker" for, among other things, raising gas taxes. Governor Huchabee raised taxes at high levels to support public schools.

National Review: Huckabee "Tax-And-Spend Fever." According to the conservative National Review's Tim Carney, "Huckabee is certainly not alone as a Republican governor eager to raise taxes, but his tax-and-spend fever has effects in Washington..." Huckabee has been called a "habitual tax-hiker," by Republican groups. [Club for Growth, 2/27/06; National Review, 5/19/03] Huchabee Liberal on Taxes

Huckabee Went From a "Fiscal Responsibility" Grade of "D" to "F". The conservative Cato Institute gave Mike Huckabee a "D" grade, the 3rd worst rating among non-freshman state executives in its Fiscal Policy Report Card on America�s Governors in 2004, only to give him an "F" in 2006. [Cato Institute Fiscal Policy Report Card, 2004-2006]
Huchabee Liberal on Taxes
Michael S. Horton

Dr. Parker Griffith

Dr. Parker Griffith is a state senator from Huntsville and is leading the charge for Alabama Democrats for Congress from Alabama's 5th Congressional District.

Madison County Alabama - County Commission Information

Mike Gillespie Madison County Chairman
Mike Gillespie

Huntsville Alabama, Madison County Commission. Jerry Craig
Roger Jones Roger Jones, Madison County Commissioner. Roger Jones

RON PAUL YARD SIGNS Conservative and born again Christian. Stands strong on illegal immigration, traditional marriage, and for the Constitution. For the info Ron Paul web site. Ron Paul To buy Ron Paul yard signs and bumper stickers cheap Ron Paul President

Alan Keyes Is Alan Keyes a phony conservative or successful fund raiser for himself?

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